Training is essential in taking the human-dog relationship to its fullest potential!

Fun, professional and innovative. Our programs are designed to create connection, excitement and confidence for dogs and their owners. Train the fun way!

K9 Fit

The valley's first innovative guided exercise program for your furry friend. Whether your dog has excess energy to burn, is struggling with weight gain or is training for a sport, we have a day program designed to challenge your dog mentally and physically in a fun environment!


Train your dog the fun way! Whether you want to simply get your dog under control or want to explore learning how to train your dog for competition, this is the place for you! Read more on how you can make your relationship with your dog a lasting and trusting one.

Dock Diving

Do you have a dog that has waaaaay too much energy and you would like to explore the sport of Dock Diving? Our K9 Pool has been carefully designed to facilitate dock diving competitions, training and rehabilitation.

At The RGV K9 Training Centre, learning never stops.

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