The RGV K9 Training Centre is committed to helping you learn how to train and have more fun with your dog.


Our training programs are geared towards understanding how a dog learns and because of that, you will gain and maintain a lasting and trusting relationship with your dog.

1. Choose your preferred method to learn! 1 of 4 ways…

Private Lessons

Day Training

Board & Train

Specialty Classes

2. Choose your preferred area of development!

Obedience: Basic or Advanced

Service Dog, Emotional Support, Therapy Dog

Dock Diving and Rehabilitation

Specialty Classes:
Puppy 101, SuperDogs Trick Training, Agility, K9 Nosework, Canine Good Citizen

Where do I start?

We offer a FREE informative training demonstration most Saturdays which allows you to come and check out our facility and speak to a trainer or one of our knowledgeable staff!  Check the Event tab for upcoming classes and demonstrations.


Posted by The RGV K9 Training Centre on Saturday, September 2, 2017

K9 Fit

or better known as

“The Energy Drainer!”

K9 Fit is our guided exercise program for those dogs that need that little EXTRA outside of their walk/run with their owners.  K9 Fit is not boot camp, it is exercise with a purpose in a fun environment! You will see, your dog will love coming here after this program!

Your dog will be introduced to activities such as the treadmill, swimming, leash walk/running, confidence obstacles and if the setting allows, some positive social time! Like humans, our dogs benefit from mental and physical stimulation, allowing for more restful and enjoyable time off with their owners.  This program is an excellent compliment to training and behavior modification.

Drop off is between 730-9am and pick up is between 4 and 6pm.  You can purchase multiple days of K9 Fit and you do not have to use these days consecutively.

Dock Diving

Come join one of the fastest growing dog sports in North America!  Dock diving is fun for the entire family and winning titles for your dog is just a bonus! No experience necessary…be careful though…it’s addictive!

Go to our Events tab to find out when our next “Open Dock Event” is if you would like to try it out or you can book a private session with a trainer!

Rules at The K9 Training Centre:

• Pick up your poop! There are buckets and poop scoops available all over the grounds.
• Come early! Before entering a training area, make sure that your dog has relieved themselves in the proper areas. Both #1 and #2. Don’t waste your paid time cleaning up your poop in your paid training session!
• Dogs must always be on leash upon entering the gate. No exceptions!
• Respect other owners and dogs – no nose to nose contact or butt to nose
• If you cannot control your dog, have someone stay in the vehicle with your dog while you come find our staff.

Questions? 956-383- K9TC  (5982)